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About Us

Hupp Information Technologies (HIT) is a national software company with extensive experience in helping federal agencies, state agencies, and private companies with their software solutions.   We specialize in governmental education.  All of our employees are currently serving this market either directly, or indirectly.


Hupp Information Technologies has served the needs of state agencies, federal agencies, and private companies.  We have helped with project management, strategic planning, application analysis and design, application development, application support, web development, and web e-Commerce.  We have been in business since 2001 and our customers have come to depend on our unique focus on the education market.  Our customers have also learned to appreciate our unique approach to partnering on software solutions.  We have established a reputation as a company that is more focused on customer satisfaction than any other issue.  We endeavor to make the customer genuinely feel that they are part of the development process, a true partner in our collective effort.


Our headquarters are located in Springfield, Illinois.  We prefer for our consultants to spend significant time at the customer site where they can fully learn the customer’s business processes.  We believe that systems developed in partnership, side by side with the client, are superior to those developed offsite in isolation.  This becomes more essential the larger and more complex the software solution.


Our employees have extensive experience in all areas of governmental education.  Our organization is built upon highly qualified and highly skilled consultants who combine true excellence with impeccable communication skills.  Our consultants must be well rounded individuals in addition to outstanding programmers, analysts, and managers.   We do not employ technology professionals that do not offer a complete package of communication, technical, personal, and ethical skills.


Our work ethic is beyond reproach.  We constantly strive to ensure our skills are current and appropriate for our customers’ needs.  We have proven skills implementing complex enterprise wide software solutions that include both client server and Internet web interfaces.  Our standards are very stringent for designing, development, and implementing new systems.  We modify these standards as required to adhere to customer’s internal coding standards.


As a result of our commitment to excellence, our partnership with customers and our outstanding technical capabilities, our company has grown every year of its existence.  Our customers have recognized our spirit of partnership and have found our can-do attitude to be refreshing.  We take pride in our customer service; always putting their needs first and foremost.  It is our belief that our attitude and approach toward customer relations cultivates a long term partnership that benefits all parties involved.


We look forward to unleashing our creative abilities to assist you in achieving your goals.  Once our partnership has been established, you will find that your goals will become our goals, and together we will function as one entity as we move toward the completion of those goals.  Contact us today!

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