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Licensure System

The HIT Licensure System (HIT-LS) automates the entire certification process and makes it easier and more efficient for everyone.  Users can go online and apply for new certificates, renew existing certificates, request duplicate certificates, and update their demographic data. Most importantly, with internal and external users accessing the system at the same time, it allows for real time dissemination of data.


The solution also handles and simplifies all credentialing management functions, including creating new or modifying existing applications, checklists, workflows and fees.  It also allows for any communications (paper, email, etc) to be scanned into PDF format for permanent storage in the database.


The HIT licensure system is designed from the ground up to be easily customized and enhanced.  The entire system is almost completely table-based so that any future requirement changes can be performed by your staff instead of our programmers; saving you both time and money.


Additional benefits of the HIT-LS solution include the ability to manage teaching assignments and Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) reporting.  Assignments can be entered manually, imported from another system or transferred from teacher to teacher.  The Highly Qualified Teacher reporting provides real time HQT statistics, and allows authorized personnel to manage the credential status of each teacher, school or district as a whole.


The greatest advantage you gain with the HIT-LS solution is our experience and comprehensive knowledge.  We understand your needs and restrictions.  We understand you require a solution that is capable of addressing the needs of multiple disconnected users while automating all aspects of these activities.  By implemented HIT-LS, you will achieved improved communication with all credentialing parties, create an easy to use web application portal for internal and external users, and implement a dynamic user-customizable query, reporting and timeline system.  Not to mention, fully automate and integrate all aspects of your credentialing activities.


Need a credentialing system?  Contact us today!

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