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HIT Experience

Hupp Information Technologies (HIT) has extensive experience creating solutions for governmental education entities. We have a long history developing large scale, complex system developments for organizations just like yours.  This includes understanding the ins and outs of .Net technology, wizard applications and e-commerce, as well as, the unique issues and risks that face governmental education organizations.


Specialize in education

It is all we do

Complex Enterprise Development

Hupp Information Technologies has extensive experience working on large complex enterprise wide systems that include both client server and Internet web interfaces.  Our standards are very stringent for designing, developing and implementing new systems. We modify these standards as required to adhere to customer’s internal coding standards.

.Net Technology

All HIT employees have designed, developed, and implemented .Net systems.  They have all used ADO .Net and Visual Basic .Net against a SQL Server 2000 database running on Windows 2000 Server.  The HIT Object Specialist ensures our team uses the highly object oriented environment to its full potential, ensuring easy maintenance for future programmers.

20 years of education experience

Local, state & federal levels 


Experience in multiple states

Lessons learned over 20 years


In more states than anyone else

No failed projects - ever

2010 - present

Step-by-Step Wizard Interface Development

HIT team members have designed, developed, and implemented numerous web applications.  We have e-commerce enabled several web solutions and have always focused on the usability of the interface as the most critical issue to web development.  Putting an application on the web exposes a customer to an influx of support calls if that application is not properly designed.  We have authored systems which have collected over a million dollars, have received over a million hits per month, and have been the source of almost 100,000 applications.  Despite all this activity, there has never been a single support call on how to complete an online application.

2010 - present


All of our team members have great experience working on web systems that collect credit cards over the Internet.  We are very familiar with how to properly handle declines, disconnections, and time outs.  We will ensure the inevitable unexpected errors that sometimes occur with the Internet are handled gracefully at all times, and that all other transactions take place seamlessly with your system.

Focused on Educational Solutions

At Hupp Information Technologies educational solutions is all we do; it is our specialty and our only focus.  Due to our specialized knowledge and background, we know how to bridge your goals and desires with the needs and regulations of the entity.  We have a long history of automating large complex systems yet making them simple for all users, internal and external, to access and use.  Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and how we can put our expertise to work for you.

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