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School Accreditation System

The HIT School Accreditation System (HIT-ACCRED) is a comprehensive system for collecting information for accredited schools, master schedules, staff assignments and calculating highly qualified teacher status.  The system automatically assesses and determines accreditation compliance based on all sources of data and displays the status.


Additional components included with the solution include the ability to manage staff information, terms of employment for district staff, student rosters, course delivery information and course content information.  It also includes standard federal reports such as highly qualified teacher determinations, reporting required by the US Department of Education EdFacts system, Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR), and the Consolidated Annual Report (CAR) for the Carl D Perkins Career and Technical Education Report.  Additional state required reports can also be added as needed.


By implementing HIT-ACCRED, you ensure all federal accreditation reporting standards are met; users at the state, district and school level have a straightforward and easy path to reporting this information; and duplicate data entry is eliminated.  You also have the added benefit of integrating the solution with the HIT-LS licensure system, if desired.


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