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Single Sign-On System

The HIT Single Sign-On System (HIT-SSO) is a state wide user authentication system that allows multiple applications to be accessed with a single user ID and password. This ensures that users of the statewide systems only have to remember one user ID and password to access any state system incorporated into the HIT-SSO authentication technology.


The HIT-SSO solution is available over the Internet as a web application.  Internal and external users are able to log into the portal at any time to access their assigned systems.  Once logged in, the users are shown a list of systems to which they have access.  If applicable, they may also be shown a list of roles (such as teacher, superintendent and administrator) that they can choose between when entering a system.


Within the solution, system administrators can manage users, create new systems, create new roles, and maintain security levels.  Each role is assigned to a security level, and the security level then determines the login parameters.


Lastly, other state wide systems that are currently online or being developed can easily be integrated into the HIT-SSO solution.  It does not matter in what language existing systems are written.  As long as they can call a web service, they can easily be integrated with the portal.  In fact, any existing system can be incorporated into HIT-SSO with roughly twenty lines of computer code.


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